A lot of property owners wonder about using a pressure washer to clean windows. While pressure washers are amazing tools and have many benefits around the home, if they are not used properly they can do some serious damage!

When it comes to cleaning your exterior windows you need to AVOID using a lot of pressure/PSI on them.

Why You Shouldn’t Power Wash Windows

Busting out the power washer to clean up dirty windows seems awfully tempting.  Before you do, let’s discuss a mention a few ways power washers can damage windows so you can mitigate the risk.

  • Frames, Seals, Sills: Using high pressure from a power washer can damage the seals, which means it can ruin their ability to keep water out. They can also erode the wood around the window frame, which can lead to structural damage.
  • Glass: Heat from a power washer and/or pressure/psi from a pressure washer can dramatically compromise the integrity of the glass. Not only that, it is dangerous and can lead to serious injury.
  • Walls: High pressure around windows can also find its’ way into cracks, leading to water in areas it shouldn’t be.  This can lead to mold issues down the road.

How You SHOULD Clean Your Exterior Windows

To clean your windows you will need to get a window cleaning tool  This can be something you purchase or make on your own.

First, spray the window cleaning product onto a microfiber cloth and wipe down the windows.  For extremely dirty areas, you might need multiple applications.  Then, rinse the windows down with a garden hose, or bucket etc… Then take a squeegee to remove excess water.  Lastly, give it one more wipe-down with a clean microfiber cloth.

Do Pressure Washing Companies Clean Windows While House Washing?

Most pressure washing companies do not apply pressure to the exterior of homes.  They us e a technique called “soft-washing” and bring the psi down to a level that cannot cause damage.  This is not a technique most homeowners are aware of or even have the proper equipment to perform, which is why we share the tips above.

If you hire a professional pressure washing company, like Fresh Exterior Solutions, to clean your house, there is no doubt that your windows will get washed at a low psi and come out looking much better than they did before, but in most cases and actual window cleaning process uses different tools and is a completely different/additional charge.

Final Thoughts…

While it is possible for a professional to get windows looking much better with a pressure washer or power washer, it is not something we would recommend the average homeowner decides to do, simply because of the risk of breaking a window or doing other damage to the property is there.

We hope you found some value in this post. Feel free to reach out anytime should you have any questions about pressure washing or are in need of professional services.