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Arkansas Washing Equipment Review

Thanks for stopping by to read this. I hope you are not like me, and were scammed by Shawn Hodges and his company, Arkansas Washing Equipment.

The information on this page is based on my experience with them.  However, I am in close contact with upwards of 40 other people that find themselves in the same, horrifying position as myself.

Arkansas Washing Equipment – The Real Story

Bottom Line Up Front:

Arkansas Washing Equipment had been taking orders from people, along with large payments, and was expected to build a variety of different pressure-washing rigs with that money. From full-blown trailers to skids, and everything in between. For most of us, they would offer a 4-6 week delivery time which is pretty standard in the industry.  But weeks turned into months, and even YEARS for some people.  Yes… Years!

As news of this started to surface, more people came forward, in the same position as myself and others. Paid for equipment with nothing to show for it…

We all were frantically contacting Shawn Hodges and Arkansas Washing Equipment, only to be told lie after lie.  Things like supply chain issues, injury, staff shortages, mom sick, you name it Shawn was neck-deep in a pile of BS and it was all catching up to him.

The words written here can not do justice for the amount of correspondence that was happening, from all of us wondering where our equipment was. All of this quickly turned to fear that we all could very well be scammed out of our hard-earned dollars, putting businesses, livelihoods, and critical family affairs on the line.

Then, as things started snowballing, Shawn started pulling all of his online properties offline. Google Business profile, website, YouTube Channel, Facebook page… All gone.  He even deleted his personal profile.  All phone numbers, and emails, just gone.  No way to get in touch.  No answers, no rigs delivered, and all of our money was gone.

As our small group of people quickly turned into a large number, we formed a private group on Facebook where we could all communicate.  An attorney was contacted and every one of us filed individual police reports with the Faulkner County Sheriffs’ Department.

After giving our stories to the police, we are all told to file this with the Attorney General and report this to the BBB.  We all did as advised.

The story continued to escalate.  Shawn appears to be on the run and apparently thought he could steal north of 500k from honest, hard-working people, and not pay the price.

An emergency motion has been filed with the court to freeze all of Shawn’s assets.  This can be seen if you search on the Arkansas Court Connect website.

This case is not closed, and I realize this is not the most well-written article out there.

The purpose of this is to get it out to the world, that Shawn Hodges, and Arkansas Washing Equipment is not in the business of doing good business.

Our hopes are that local news outlets pick this up and get the word out so this man can face justice for the crimes he knowingly committed against me and many other honest people, that trusted this snake with our money.

If you are one of the victims of this crime, reach out to Attorney Eric Brown at (501) 328-5500 or email him at

More to come…

I will leave you with a few videos of another man sharing his story about being robbed by Shawn Hodges and Arkansas Washing Equipment.

Video 1:

Video 2: